Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Conversation with KA

Karson has no desire to leave home...ever. Tonight I was talking to him about where he would like to travel.

Me: Kars, where would you like to go visit?
K: My bedroom
Me: How about somewhere else?
K: Well, I have to tell you I like living on the North American Continent. North America is just fine with me. I don't need to go anywhere.
Me: Well, if you were going to leave the United States where would you go? How about England?
K: King George lived there. He was a bad man. I don't want to go there.
Me: How about France?
K: They speak France there. I don't speak it. I'll pass.
Me: Well how about Brazil? Kylee lived there.
K: That is the place where you drink and party all the time. I don't do them so, no. It's not the place for me. Okay...I'm thinking maybe Australia...nope...there are great white sharks there.
Me: Antartica?
K: Too cold. I dont have a warm enough coat.
Me: Korea?
K: I am never going there. You know that.
Me: How about somewhere in Africa?
K: Nope you have to get shots.
Me: New Zealand?
K: Do they have dolphins and popcorn there? Yep. Okay, Maybe we can go there sometime in the future.

In the store trying to get him to consider boxers instead of briefs.
Me: feel these
K: Too hard
Me: How about these?
K: Too soft. Really going with out is just fine with me.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

K has been getting in trouble at school
with his teacher for arguing, etc. For instance last week she told him
to finish work on paper A. He said he didn't FEEL like it and that he
would work on paper B instead. She told him that he had to finish paper
A before working on paper B. He continued to argue. So she took paper B
and put it on her desk. As she is helping another student she sees him
get up and start to walk towards her desk. She told me she is
thinking "Don't do it bud" He does. Takes the paper off her desk and
goes back to his. She goes back over and takes it back, etc.
Yesterday he got in trouble for arguing. She told him she was taking
away his recess today. So this morning she says "Hi K." He
responds, " I am not K. I am his twin brother,U.K is
absent today."

I KNOW Better

One of the things you learn as the mother of two autistic boys is to avoid the store like the plague. Unfortunately, the other day I had no choice but to go shopping with them. Keep in mind this was during a PMSing episode.

First we went to Whole Foods where the "keep your hands on the cart" speil just wasn't getting any airplay in their brains. Hands were everywhere, whining was unlimitless and when we checked out I had more items in my cart than I placed there and racked up my own national debt. After loading groceries in the trunk we went to do the dreaded "Mommy trying on fat-assed clothes" which made me cringe even thinking about it. It was in this store that Kullen was touching everything. Everything. I cajoled, I threatened, I whispered pleasant phrases such as "if you don't keep your hands off everything you will be keeping them in your pockets for the rest of your life." It was two seconds after uttering those words when I saw Kullen out of the corner of my eye about 2 feet from me. He had pulled up the blouse on the manaquin and was playing with its boobs.