Sunday, May 17, 2009

Here Is One Heck Of An Adoption Story

Without debating the whole "family should prevail at all costs" notion along with debating the "at what age is it too old to adopt" concept I have to say that this story is so sad and disturbing on so many levels. For instance, why is our government not helping this family? Frankly there is no excuse for it. These children have a right to medical services and their great-grandparents should not have to go broke providing them! I don't care if they were born in Canada or not. They are in this country legally and should be covered in one way or another. Shame on our government. And shame on people for not helping these great-grandparents. If everyone would just send a buck!
Here is the story!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

National Day of Prayer... I Mean Hypocrisy

Today I went out with a girlfriend for coffee. She was very concerned and upset that President Obama did not attend the big church service for the National Day of Prayer. Frankly, I don't understand why she was so upset. The Bush administration attended all of these and yet was allowing torture and expelling its virtues which is against the law AND certainly not something that Jesus espoused. I mean why does it matter if someone attends an event that for all intensive purposes is used "to see and be seen" esp if you are going to go against the teachings of the one you are suppose to be praying with/to? Standing there saying "the right words" means nothing if you are not going to follow them. Further, National Prayer Day is deemed an event that is suppose to be exclusively for Christians and those of other faiths are not allowed.This according to its organizers. It seems to me that a man who is suppose to be representing ALL of the people sends the wrong message if he attends such a service.Finally, event organizers stipulated that the White House representative who would attend the event MUST be pro-life and against abortion rights. Interesting that so many on the right neglected to mention these facts when reporting this "story" on the airways.

Frankly, I just don't get why "this issue" is so important to some. For people to besmirch President Obama for not attending is just so ludicrous. Some folks act as if Obama is somehow showing he is not moral because he did not attend this event. I wish that they would realize that attending an event does not make you moral nor does it ensure that you even have a relationship with the Lord. One only has to look at Mr. Bush to find a prime example of that.