Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For My Kids

Today our nation gave my children a gift. That gift was in the form of a man who I believe has the ability to inspire them for the rest of their lives. A man that will give them hope when there doesn't appear to be any. I showed them by voting for our first African American President that I value all people of color, just like I value them. I hope that by casting my vote for Barack Obama my vote assured them that I respect people of color and that I believe that they are capable, have the wisdom and innovation to lead this country on a course in history that when looked back upon will be remembered as one of our finest moments with our greatest leader. Today I let my kids know that I believe that there are times in our nations history when it is too important to just be complacent and that only through hard work of yourself and others can you aspire to some pretty lofty ideals. And that bridge burners end up with a scorched earth policy and blisters on their hands. Today was a historic day in America. I am proud to be a part of it. But more than anything, Barack Obama's win today showed me that I must do everything I can to make sure that my children gain the right to run for President. After all, if he can do it...they might someday have a chance too.