Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Most Excellent Politician

Well, let's just say KA realized within nanoseconds that he would be screwed out of having his own room and he would have to share a room with KU if KY moves back home. In keeping with his autistic"I'm looking out for number one" philosophy he says:
"I'm not sure KY moving back is a good idea"
"Why not, KA?"
"Well, I am very concerned about Sophia (KY's dog) She needs a stable environment and you know Dad will not allow her to live with us. Yep, this is a very bad idea for Sophia." And this conversation continues about why this is a bad idea for Sophia for the next five minutes in various forms. She likes her yard at her home, Bene and her fight in the house, Sophia likes peace and quiet and it would be too hard for her to get used to all the noise.

The Ultimate Indignity

So today I walk our "someday trainable" dog to the school to pick up the kids. Two other dogs on a leash come up and they all get into a fight. The other owner and I get our dogs collected. One minute later I am bending down petting my dog when the other owner's dog comes up and pees on me!!!! Seriously.