Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love Sick

So third grader, KA, says to me "How do you know if you love somebody?"
Me: "You mean someone like your mom?"
KA: "No, I mean a girl."
Me: (Thinking "what do you think I'm not a girl? thanks bud!" Which is quickly replaced by "holy crap, you are only 8...I don't want to listen to this...but on the positive side it does answer that question of whether or not he is gay)" Well," I begin, " when you are in love your body feels all tingly when you get near that person and you really just want to be around them all the time because they makes your heart feel good."
KA: (who now drops to the floor and with a big sigh declares) "I guess I'm in love then."

Only My Boys

So KU's teacher comes out to tell me KU had a "little problem" at school today. Seems he was working on his math paper talking all the while to the girl "next door." He brings his paper up to the teacher and she notices the last three problems have no work shown so she has no way of knowing how he got the answer. She says, "KU, what were you thinking? You have to show your work. Really, what were you thinking here? He looks at her and says "I was thinking that Kim is really good at math and knows all the answers so it would probably be best for me to just to copy her paper." She being the wonderful teacher she is says " Boy that was very brave of you to tell me the truth." So she told him to erase his answers, go back to his seat and re-do the problems this time showing his work.