Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So it seems that KU is having some sort of difficulty with a girl at school. He gets frustrated with me because I am not understanding and ask him to explain again to which he replies, "If only you were a GIRL you would understand what I mean!"

Thanks son.

It's Like Herding Cats

So KA is "herding" the tutors and mom down the street when Taylor says, "What are we cows?"

KA responds " Well you are suppose to keep up with me" 

Taylor: " I'm going to stop walking if you are going to call me a cow" to which Karson replies, " Well then I'm going to have to milk you."

Beware of Hazardous Birds

THIS REALLY HAPPENED TODAY. So we are walking towards the cafeteria to attend KUs poem recital. I ask Dave how his day went. He replies "It was a shitty day." And at that second a bird pooped all over his shirt. I kid you not!

Score One For The Man

Me: Well I started my diet today
KU: Why?
Me: Because I am too fat
KU: I think you are perfect just the way you are right now.
Me: (thinking to self) This kid is either going to be the greatest con man alive or he is going to become a reincarnate of Richard Simmons and all the women will love him.

I Can't Believe I Just Did That!

 I AM THE LOSER MOM OF THE UNIVERSE!!! I was giving Karson his meds tonight and accidently gave him one of my meds. I HAVE NEVER, EVER done both our meds at the same time before tonight. Called poison control and they said he should be fine. LOSER MOM STRIKES AGAIN!!!


I heard KA telling this to KU on the way to school this morning.
KA: She's fierce. I am telling them they don't want to mess with her. She keeps attacking me and I am warning the other kids off. I'm trying to save their lives and their limbs.
Me: KA, if someone is attacking you then you need to tell the principal.
Karson: I CAN'T tell the principal!!!!!
Me: Why not?
Karson: It's my sister!