Thursday, October 28, 2010


Tonight we are sitting at the table and the kids are doing their homework when KU starts acting up because he is frustrated. It is the usual frustration that he feels when doing might as well be Greek to him. First he starts making faces, then it escalates to an angry voice, the tears start to flow and then he starts kicking that table. KA looks up from his homework and says "Don't go messing with Mom. I did that once and it wasn't pretty!"

Friday, October 15, 2010

KU Quip

KU: I wish my sister had a mute button!
This weekend I told the boys that we needed to send Uncle Mark an email. Uncle Mark is currently serving as a Chaplain  over in Afghanistan. I always think it is interesting how while both boys have autism their take on things is so different from one another; proving once again that Autism comes in different shapes and forms. KA is 9 yo and KU is 8 yo.

Dear Uncle Mark from KU:
Hope you are having a good time. Is it hot or is it cold? Have you had any battles yet? It's me, KU.

Dear Uncle Mark from KA:
War is hell.
Me: KA, first of all I think that we should not say war is hell.
KA: Why not?
Me: Well, for one Uncle Mark is over there and it seems like it probably isn't the best thing to say. And number two, Uncle Mark is a minister and he probably doesn't like you using the word Hell.
KA: Why not?
Me: It's just an hunch. So can you think of something else to say?
KA: Okay, how about war is something very cruel and bloody. So if you feel like you have to throw up, you are probably not the only one. Actually, I would throw up if I saw war. But even if you are in a war you have your rights.Don't forget that. Love KA.

Yep, different boys, different takes on life. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Minutes And Counting Until The Bus Arrives

I absolutely HATE school mornings. They go something like this.
Where is your homework folder...I don't know...How could you not know? You put it in your backpack last night...but I looked at it this morning...where did you look at it....I dunno.  Okay, where is your lunchbox...I dunno...Did you get it off of the kitchen counter like I told you to do?... What kitchen counter?... The one in the castle out in back. Ask the cook for it....But you are the cook...Yes, I am and obviously the keeper of the lunchbox. No, my teacher keeps it so I don't lose it. Okay, well tell your teacher to come over here so we know where your lunchbox is... Mom, I need you to sign this. I need a cake for school... Today? You need a cake today...I think so...Give me that note!... KU....where are your shoes? ....I dunno...KU the bus is going to be here in two minutes. You need to get your shoes on. Where are they?Are you kidding me? I told you 30 minutes ago to put on your shoes and now you are asking me where they are now?.... KA, go upstairs and brush your hair...I did last night...well it's morning now so do it now...but you don't shave your legs in the night and then in the morning...but I should, so go upstairs and brush your hair. And your teeth....Why?.... On God help me keep what little sanity I have left!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, and this picture shows exactly how I feel in the morning except it would be my body under that bus!!!!