Saturday, December 18, 2010

Poems by KA ( Yes, I am a proud momma!)

Someone in this family ate an autism sandwich for breakfast yesterday as well as one this morning. May G*d help us all...esp. the poor teacher!!!~Cheryl

Two poems by KA

Autumn By KA
Two rabbits, you can see,
Jumping high into a tree.
Weeks have passed, so far I've seen,
Leaves, the color of red and orange, not green.
Another week passed and a warm day arrived,
Bees are filling up their hive.
Another week has passed, say, look at the bottom,
Hey, I know this season, it's autumn.

A flock of geese,
flying south, not north, not east.
When you go into the woods,
be sure to wear a jacket and hood.
Creepy crawlies, so drab and ugly,
turn from hideous into buggly.
Every day the leaves fall down
wolves howl like dogs in a pound.
People, we can see, pull off a leaf,
because they smell so very sweet.

The Christmas List

Today I was asking the kids what they wanted for Christmas. I explained to them that we were going to scale back our Christmas this year so that they would not be getting much from us. In response, KA says, "that's okay Mom. You already gave me the best gift of all this entire year.
 "What is that, KA?"  
KA: "Love mom, you gave us love."

And little did he know that was MY Christmas present from the boy to whom emotions are like some uncharted territory as explored by Lewis and Clarke.

 Ye,t as wonderful and tear dropping this was
 I still wonder....

...what does he really want?????????????


Well, I could not remember my log on info for Blogger so that is why I have not been blogging. Here are a few of the tidbits that happened during this time at my house.

Me: KE you have to be nice to your brothers!
KE: Can't we just get rid of them!

My patience has been sorely tested. Can I EVER get the kids out the door without wailing like a banshee!? I mean come know you wear shoes everyday and underwear and socks....don't you!!!!!!!!!!! To which my wonderful friend replies...  Yup! I hear you! Why do I have to say, "Brush your teeth IN the bathroom?" Isn't that just a given? And why does, "go get your socks on" sound like, "wander into your room, pick up a toy and play with it until I come yell at you."?????? And why, oh why, do I have to tell you that your shirt/pants/socks are on backwards????

 Mars to Earth. Mars to Earth. Do you read me earth? We have an autistic satellite spinning out of control and tossing out non-stop gibberish that the universe is in peril. Repeat the universe is in peril. I think we had better press the RED button and nuke it out of orbit, commander. We don't want this have the same results as the MMR campaign! Shoot it from the sky, NOW!

 KA: Girls nature is having pretty hair. A boys nature is to fart! Oh man we are full of it tonight!

 Meltdown number 478- "That is the thing that is ruining my day...carrots!"

Taylor the Tutor says:" Please, God, grant me patience."
KU: "Maybe you should say, thank you Lord for sending me this test instead."

That Troublesome Wait

I sent my 3 yo granddaughter a bedspread and things for her room. I also included her Christmas presents which she promptly opened when her dad was in the shower. So when I called her I asked KAE, "Did you open the presents that Grandma sent you for Christmas?" 
"Yes, I did grandma," she replied solemnly.
"KAE you were suppose to WAIT until Christmas."
"But Grandma, my WAIT isn't very good yet."