Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chest Hair

Karson has his chest sticking out and his body in a contorted position.
Me: What are you doing, Karson?
Karson: I am watching and waiting for my chest hair to grow.

After posting this on Facebook my friend writes
 If my husband stuck his head out, would his hair grow back?

Be Careful Asking Questions Around Karson

At church today the minister has all the children up front for the Children's Service. She asks the kids what "alleeluja" means. Karson responds "It is what you say when you strike gold." She responds "I think you are thinking of Eureka!" He then asks her "What do eggs have to do with Christ anyway?" This is followed by "And what is the bunny stuff all about?" I just don't get that!" Of course by now the entire congregation is cracking up.

Traditions in the US of A

I will confess I am a terrible friend as well as a wife. But let no one say I don't know how to put together a good joke.

 Our friends from the Chech Republic were going to say goodbye to Dave as they wouldl be leaving tomorrow. I told them that it was a tradition in the United States that when you say goodbye you give the person a big hug and then you kick them in the ass (literally) Further, if you don't do this they will feel horrible because it meant that your guests did not have a good time and will not come back.
So Dave comes downstairs and Marie says, "Dave we will not see you in the morning so I must say good-bye now." So Marie walks up to Dave, she hugs him and then kicks him in the butt. Dave, good-natured that he is looks a little confused but laughs. Then Petr walks up to Dave gives him a big hug and kicks him in the ass too. Of course by now I am laughing so hard that they all know that something has happened that I am responsible for. I have to tell you we all almost wet our pants laughing at the new American tradition that has been started at our house.


In preparation for our upcoming trip to Scotland I have been working on our family trees through Recently we have found we are related to many Kings and Queens from France, England, the Netherlands, etc. Needless to say this has provoked many interesting conversations around our house.
Karson: Beets? Beets? You know I don't like beets.
Me: You are going to have to try them. They will taste great.
Karson: I know what happened to the kings in our family
Me: What
Karson: Their mothers fed them beets
Me: Eating beets has never killed anyone
Karson: Want to make a bet? I bet if you analyzed their stomach contents you would find beets.
Me: Why Do you think that?
Karson: Anything can be hidden in beets
(Not to be outdone) Kullen: Yeah the color hides everything
Karson: I am sure they were poisoned with beets
Me: Doubtful. Who would want to poison them?
Karson: THeir mothers
Me: WHATTTTTTTTT? No mothers would poison their children.
Karson: Oh yes they would
Me: COme on Karson. You are letting your imagination run away with you
Why would a mother do that?
Karson: Because they want the power.
Me: What?
Karson: Women didn't have power. And they wanted it. It's been that way through history. Mothers always want to find a way to control their children. You can't deny it can you?! And beets were the way to power.
Me: You will still be eating your beets.
Karson: Drats. I thought this little history lesson would change my history with beets.
Me: No way, dude.