Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Walking with KA Conversation 2

Walking with KA Conversation 2
KA: So mom when we get home are you going to step on that thing
Me: What thing?
KA: You know the thing that makes you cry and lie
Me: What are you talking about?
KA: You know that thing that tells you what you weigh and then you cry and moan and then say "I won't eat ice cream the rest of the week"...and then you do. And then you cry harder the next week and then the whole thing starts over again.
Me: You mean the scale
KA: Yep that it. Why won't you get on it? Are you afraid it will break? I saw something about truck scales weighing things that were big. Do you think you might want to try one of those?

Walking with K

Walking with KA:
Me: Why won't you read Harry Potter?
KA: It has cats
Me: So what. What is the problem with cats?
KA: I don't like them. They remind me of something that is pure evil
Me: What is that?
Me: KE is NOT evil.
Karson. Okay but she does scratch like a wild cat. Sometimes I think she is really just an evil cat just like that woman/cat in Harry Potter. That is why I don't read books about cats or Harry Potter because they remind me of her.