Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Stuck on Genetic Engineering

KA: So, I have a few ideas about genetic engineering. I am thinking it would not be good to make a Killer Whale/Great White Shark Combination.
Me: Probably not
KA: A herbivorous dinosaur would be okay but I dont think a carnivorious one would be appreciated.
Me: Right again
KA: I am thinking that bird-like dinosaur and a very fast runner may produce an interesting result. Or maybe a fish and a giant squid so you could feed the world....I forgot. I don't like fish. Okay then maybe an otter and popcorn.
Me: Huh?
KA: It would produce an Otter Pop! Just seeing if you're listening, Mom. Just seeing if you are listening.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


KA: I just don't understand it.
Me: What don't you understand?
KA: She's quiet as a mouse, she is ferocious as a tiger, she is as swift as a deer, she's as mean as a badger and she looks as innocent as a kitten. Mom, has KE been genetically engineered?

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Olden Days Part Gazillion

KU: So what did you do in the olden days, mom?
Me: What are you wanting to know (thinking I'm not getting sucked into this sandtrap again!)
KU: Well, like what did you do when you were bored?
Me: Well, I helped my mother with the laundry. Or I did the dishes. Or I cleaned the bathroom.
KU: I don't believe that mom.
Me: Why not ( I ask innocently)
KU: Because those are all things that you want me to do
KA: Yeah, I think she is using reverse psychology on us. Don't fall for it. Protect yourself.
KU: No, mom, seriously, what did you do?
Me: Okay, I went out and rode my bike
KU: Did bikes look like they do today?
Me: Of course
KU: What you are saying is IMPOSSIBLE
Me: Why is that?
KU: They hadn't invented the wheel yet.