Thursday, September 8, 2011

Losing One's Marbles At Trader Joe's

At Trader Joe's this evening, just KA and I. So he is pushing the cart and kind of flapping around. After several times of me telling him to stop I grabbed the cart and started flapping my arms like a damn chicken and making clucking noises..VERY LOUDLY...I must say everyone was looking at me. KA got embarrased at which point I said to him, "So why is it you can do things and you think it isn't embarrasing and then I flap and cluck like a chicken and you are embarrased?" He replied, "I don't know mom but if you promise not to peck at the floor I promise not to tell Dad you lost your marbles."

Skin Color 101

So Taylor the tutor is talking to KA about skin color. "Some people like me have pink skin, some have brown skin, some tan and some have yellow skin." KA "What happened? Nuclear Radiation?"

In case you don't know it KA's ethnicity is Korean.