Thursday, March 15, 2012

Make Your Mom Feel Good Day

So yesterday I guess the boys saw a picture of me from about 20 years ago and told Dave that I looked sexy. It was one of those that they did your hair,makeup and dressed you in nice clothes. So today I said to Karson "I hear you told Dad that I looked sexy in that picture in the garage."
Karson "Yeah I can tell that back then you WOULD have looked cute in a bathing suit."
Me "How can you tell that?"
Karson "It's a guy thing mom. Every guy can tell whether on not a girl will look good in a bathing suit. But what I really want to know is what happened to you?"
Me (thinking I probably should not ask and just let things lie) "What do you mean?"
Karson "So is it the fat part of you or the age part of you that got out of hand or is it both?"
Me: "No, it's the having kids part that did it to me."
Karson "But I hear people say having kids makes you stay young. It obviously didn't work for you."
Me "And it won't work for you either!"
Karson "Perhaps I will create a dinosaur instead of having kids! But... then I would have to worry if it would eat people!"
Pause...Karson "See mom you have it really easy. At least you don't have to worry if I am going around biting people's heads off!"

Yes I am Whining

YES I am whining. New low... wearing pajamas to school while I have a "heated" discussion with Karson and 10 parents walk in the office, pass out in the grocery store so now I look like a herion using pajama wearing WFH, next comes the migraine, fell down the stairs and Amber came to pick up ALL of Karsons Pokemon Cards that he has to earn back, A fever of 100 which the doc says take Tylenol and green pee. YES I am having a bad day (and no you don't have to comment) I am just letting my annimosity out into the universe because if it gets loose in the house it could be fatal!


Kullen had to write about a piece of personal history that was meaningful to him. Here is his essay.
My hanbok is a special present given to me by my foster mother in Korea. It is worn at festivals and birthdays. It is a piece of clothing that has bright colors. One of the times I wore it was to my first birthday party, the Dol.

The hanbok has many parts. The jeogori covers your arms and top body. The bali are the pants and the jokki is the vest that goes over everything.The bokeon is the hat that children wear.

Maybe when I get married I will wear a hanbok.

Missing You For All THe Wrong Reasons

Me: I am going to miss you when I am gone (dave and I are going to SLC this weekend)
KA: I’ll miss you too
Me: Why will you miss me
Ka: You do my laundry, you cook for me, You make my lunch
Me: Is the only reason you’ll miss me is because of all the things I do for you
Ka: Well, to be honest it helps
Me: So what are you going to do when I am not able to do those things for you
Ka Well I guess I will get married
 ·  · 19 October 2011 at 08:32

Most Important Trip

So Karson teacher said she asked the kids about the most important trip they had ever taken. She said there were a lot of Walmart answers and then Karson stood up and said something on the order of "the most important trip for me was when I was 6 months old and my new parents came to Korea to get me from my foster parents. They gave me a family and lots of love which I would not have gotten if I was still in Korea because kids in orphanages don't get much or do much (not sure where he got that) I really am a very lucky kid because love means everything and I have that now."

Jesus and Homework

My Dear FB Friends. I am doing a poll for Karson's sake. He has not been doing his homework and his excuse for not doing it was that I said "Jesus is more important than homework." Now, does this sound anything at all like me?


In the car
Karson: I am just too adorable
Me: Oh you think so do you?
Karson: Yep EVERYONE tells me so
Me: Who is telling you that?
Karson: Okay no one in the last three days but when I was little everyone said so. If you are adorable it lasts a lifetime. I know its hard for you mom but I will always be adorable and all the girls will love me!

Quote From Me

Quote from Cheryl Dieter "If you can't put exclamation points at the end of your sentences then you just aren't living the life that you were meant to be!"

Saying No

Decided to take the boys off gluten free and see if we see anything. We are at dinner at Macaroni Grill and keep asking Karson if he wants to try different things and he keeps declining. So Kullen says to him, "Dude here I am living the good life and you just keep saying no!"

Here Come the Groomsmen

Karson "So are Kullen and I the groomsmen?"
Me: "Why do you ask?"
Karson "Well, I think they are suppose to throw some big kind of party for the groom and there is suppose to be alot of wild women. I know I can handle the wild ones but I am not sure about Uncle Mark."
Me: "What do you know about wild women?"
Karson "I have lots of them in my class. And then there is Kellis, the scratcher... I have to deal with wild women all the time."
Me "Well, in answer to your question the groomsmen are responsible for throwing a party and providing entertainment but you don't have to worry about it because you are not groomsmen."
Karson "Well, I could still provide the entertainment."
Me "What would it be?"
Karson "Well, I could talk to Uncle Mark about Dinosaurs. That would kill about two hours."


We found and unused disposable diaper tucked away at the cabin and Kullen says to Kellis "Yuck that is your diaper"
Kylee to Kullen " Hey, you used to wear diapers too and I had to change them!"
Kullen...walking way "How unfortunate for you!"

Bagpipes In the Forest

Dave is playing his bagpipes at the cabin when Kullen pipes off with " Dad is going to wake up all the animals in such a hard way that they will have a forest riot!"

Bagpipes In the Forest

Dave is playing his bagpipes at the cabin when Kullen pipes off with " Dad is going to wake up all the animals in such a hard way that they will have a forest riot!"

Fast Forward

Karson: "Why doesn't life have a fast forward button?"
Me: "Why?"
Karson:" Frankly, instead of doing the dishes I would rather be on the Cook Islands watching the girls go by in their bikinis."

UGHHHHHHHHHH...and I thought he was just interested in the fish!

The Lengths One Has TO Go To Be An Artist

At the bus stop
Karson to Kullen:You are an artist just like Van Gogh
Kullen: Wasn't he the one who cut off his ear and killed himself?
Karson:I don't think you need to go that far to be known as a great artist!

Here We Go Again

In the car:
Kullen: What were the days of the Gold Rush like
Me: I wouldn't know. I wasn't there.
Kullen: Are you sure? You kind of look like one of those miners!

To My Child's Teacher

I wanted to make you aware of something you may not have considered in regards to these "Where I Came From" type of assignments. My daughter does not have a birth picture as most international adoptees do not. This can be very painful to some adoptees when class assignments such as this come around. My daughter was born in Korea where children are adopted in a very legal and orderly manner with children being placed with agencies after birth. Yet, part of her past is missing. And some kids from China are left in public places as it is against the law for parents to abandon a child and in that culture the gender of choice is male. Therefore, often girls are abandoned. In addition, due to the one child policy; abandonment happens to females in high numbers. These children often struggle with the fact that they were "left" somewhere.

In addition, having to include a story of their birth is very difficult because many children who are adopted have no clue about the story of their birth. They can't say things like my mother ate pickles during pregnancy and cried and cried when I was born. They have no idea of the circumstances of their birth except that in many countires it is one of disgrace and shame. Instead of their birth being a happy time many adoptees feel that it is a time of sorrow where they lost their identity and their heritage.

My daughter cannot answer the questions of the hospital where she was born and who came to see her and how her mother felt. We can answer those questions from when we first saw her picture at three months and when she came home at almost 8 months but this seperates her out from the other kids. In addition, we only encourage her to share what she knows of her birth story with people she wants to and frankly it is not appropriate for just anyone to know nor it is not everyone's business to know the circumstances of her birth.

These kinds of assignments can be hurtful to adoptees or children who come from "different" families other than a two parent mom and dad type of family. Many kids now come from gay families and may not be comfortable sharing that. Many kids now come from single mother with unknown fathers and may not be comfortable sharing that. Many children come from foster families and had abusive first parents who may have told them over and over things like, "I wish you had not been born." Many times the birth of a child is not a "happy" time in a family and a child may know that. While the jist of these assignments are made with the noblest of intentions, in reality, these types of assignments are often uncomfortable and hurtful for children.

Just wanted you to consider this from another point of view.

Another Age Thing

Was pokemon around when you were little?
I am not sure
Well, I am wondering about the olden days
I wouldn't know about the olden days. I didn't live in them.
I mean the 90's, mom
Son, the 1990's were not so long ago and they certainly were not the olden days
No, I mean when you were little; back in the 1890's